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Inspector of Turns (IOT – qualified official)

Once you have mastered the role of Timekeeper we strongly encourage all parents to continue on the officials pathway. The next step is the IOT. IOT’s are needed at all swim meets and as a Club we need to ensure that we have enough IOTs to be able to hold our own meets and to help out the other Clubs in our region.

Judge of Stroke (JOS – qualified official)

The JOS is primarily responsible for ensuring that the technically correct stroke is used in all races. They also assist the IOTs in assessing turns and report any violation of the rules to the Referee on a signed disqualification (DQ) form.

Starter (qualified official)

The Starter is responsible for giving the swimmers a fair start. It is the Starter’s role to make the starting call ‘Take your Marks’ and to push the buzzer. The starter will report any breech of the rules to the Referee.

Referee (qualified official)

The Referee has full control over all officials and swimmers. The Referee must enforce all rules and any decisions made regarding the conditions of the race.