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Ace Van Noort,
11 and Under Mens Champion


Riza Hassan,
12 and Under Womens Champion

The following guidelines and restrictions for swimmers should be observed when returning to Raptors squad swimming. CAC are very clear about their expectation of EVERYONE to adhere to these, and any non-compliance will jeopardise the club’s ability to use the council facilities. It is important to note that the information on Level 2 is evolving regularly and these guidelines and restrictions may be updated as/when required.

General Guidelines

  • No one should be turning up at the pool if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, awaiting a test, or if required to self-isolate.
  • A new timetable will apply during Level 2. Swimmers can turn up no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of their session. Please note, you cannot enter the pool complex until your session is due to start.
  • Swimmers will need to turn up to the pool in their togs; they cannot get changed into their togs at the pool.
  • It is recommended that swimmers shower and get changed at home after training if possible.
  • Only officials will be allowed inside the pool complex. Therefore swimmers can only be dropped off and collected from the car park area, unless the swimmer is 8 years or younger. Parents can remain in their vehicles or choose to come back at the end of the training session, noting that swimmers will be required to leave the pool complex once training has finished. Social distancing guidelines of 2 metres will still apply in such circumstances.
Inside the Pool Complex
  • You should expect extra wait time at the pool reception to all for contact tracing purposes. This will be required each time a swimmer attends a training session. The pool will be issuing entry cards to enable the tracing and to speed up entry for our swimmers - please remember to bring your card and swipe it on each entry. Note: no card, no swim
  • The bathroom area is to be used primarily for the toilets and handwashing only.
  • All hotspots (spa, sauna and steam room) will be closed until further notice.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres will apply when interacting with other groups. Please be responsible for managing this yourselves.
  • On arrival, swimmers will be required to go to their designated lane inside the complex (where they will meet their coach). The designated lane will be communicated to each team prior to the return back to the pool.
  • There will be no dryland training inside the pool complex.
  • Swimmers shall be allocated to a team. Each team will be made up of 4 swimmers. Swimmers MUST remain in these teams at all times - do not cross between teams.
  • Swimmers will be required to stay with their team at all times. Each team will be assigned a swim lane, this shall be your lane until further notice. Do not cross between lanes.
In the Pool
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to congregate at the end of the lanes, but instead must be spread out 1m apart whilst in the pool.
  • Each team will start and finish at alternating ends. Red and Blue teams shall start from the end nearest to the spa pool and White shall start from the opposite end.
  • Equipment bags should be placed at the ends of the pool, such that social distancing can be maintained when retrieving
  • Each swimmer will be required to bring a drink bottle which must be clearly named. The drinking fountain can be used to refill drink bottles, but not to drink from.
  • Swimmers will require their own equipment for training, which cannot be shared. Equipment should be kept to the minimum that is required for the training session. All equipment must be taken home and cleaned after training and cannot be stowed inside the cage until further notice.
  • The coach may stand down swimmers who are not complying with the guidelines

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Raptors Swimming are the competitive swimming club based out of the Coastlands Aquatic Centre, Paraparaumu, and coached by Olympian Jon Winter.
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